"Everyone knows you have to eat children to see better." - Patty, Sugar and Spice

Patty is the main antagonist of Sugar and Spice. She is the "witch" from Hansel and Gretel.


Abby describes Patty as looking a little bit younger than her mother with pretty blonde hair in loose waves to her shoulders. Her eyes are ice blue and are almost the same colour as her dress which has a hem of white lace. She is very thin, has freckles and usually looks like she is smelling something.


Patty appears sweet at frist glance. She is very health conscious so she never eats junk food. She is also a vegetarian though she doesn't consider human children and humans in general as animals(she will break this rule if the animal annoys her enough).

Underneath that smile and air of hospitality, Patty is a wicked and remorsless woman. She lacks any sympathy or empathy for anyone and only cares about herself. She has no problem with luring, trapping and eating children if it will improve her eyesight nor about starving the people of Vegetopia as long as she gets money.