Robin is one of Abby's friends and Penny's best friend.


Robin is an energetic and cheerful girl and doesn't like to choose between sides. She doesn't complain that much, unlike Abby when Penny acts mean.


Robin has curly strawberry-blonde hair and teal eyes.


Robin has an older sister named Dalia.

In Whatever After book 4: Dream On, Robin is sleeping over at Abby's, and she sleepwalks through the magic mirror. Abby and Jonah follow her through and when she wakes up in a tower room with a spinning wheel, she accidentally takes the place of Sleeping Beauty (Brianna) by pricking her elbow on the spinning wheel. She sleeps the whole time they are in Sleeping Beauty's fairy tale, being under a curse where she will sleep for a hundred years before a prince will wake her up with a kiss.

Abby, Jonah, and Brianna finally asks the fairy who cast the spell, Lottie, to undo it, but she isn't able to. However it's time to go so Lottie opens a portal for Abby and Jonah and they jump through, taking the sleeping Robin with them. A puppy who is also in the room at this point goes with them. Even though he belonged to Prince Felix, Jonah is happy to have him (Jonah doesn't like Prince Felix very much...)

Now Robin is still sleeping. The puppy runs over and licks her. Jonah comments that it looks like he's trying to wake her up. Abby gets a brilliant idea and tells her brother to name the puppy Prince. As soon as he does, Robin wakes up from Prince licking her. She thinks she's had a strange dream.

Her parents and sister picks her up and complain that they've been trying to call her all the time. Abby thinks to herself that cell phones don't work in the Kingdom of Rose.