Below are the rules of the Whatever After Wiki. If you have any questions, problems or want to add a rule, please see an admin or the main admin, Stardust16. If you think anyone is bending or breaking these rules, please contact an admin as well. It is deeply recommended that each user read these rules before editing any pages.

The Rules

  • Do not add false information, spread rumours or inappropriate information on any page.
  • No form of bullying is allowed here (Cyberbullying, harassing, accusing, threats, insults, etc). We want this to be a safe and kid-friendly wiki.
  • Spamming is allowed, but there are limits. Caps and emojis will be allowed, but do not go overboard. Only a beaurecrat is allowed to give permission to spam (if it's for a chat party).
  • No inappropriate language, images or comments.
  • No badge gaming. This includes taking something off and adding it back on, rewording pages, and etc.
  • You are only allowed one duplicate account. This will be act as a back up account in case something happens to your original one.(this is so if your account gets hacked, not banned)